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How to spoil your Pooch on Valentines and all year long!

Updated: Jul 2

The countdown is on to Valentine’s Day! The week of celebrating love is just around the corner. However you are celebrating this Valentine’s Day, we’ve got 5 fun ways to show your pooch some love this special day and everyday!

Valentine's day is a great excuse to shower your much loved dog with toys, treats, chews and pampering.

Spend some quality time with your dog

Live in the moment, take in the fresh air, put your phone away and pause your calendar! Take a relaxing stroll away from life’s hustle and bustle, no need to rush, and see how much joy this will bring your beloved 4 legged friend.

Surprise your dog with a new toy or bed

Does your dog like to snuggle with a plush toy? Or do they like to run around and play fetch? Surprise your dog with a new toy today. Here at Feedability we have a wide range of toys to choose from in store.

Make a donation to a local shelter or rescue

Pop along to your local shelter or rescue and celebrate the love that you and your dog share by donating what you can. A monetary donation or a simple bag of treats would brighten the day of another pooch whilst they wait for their forever home.

Is your pooch partial to the odd pamper session?

If so, why not create a spa experience for your dog? A shoulder massage, bath or a lovely brush down whilst on their favourite blanket. However your pooch likes to be pampered, give them some well deserved TLC this Valentine’s.


Show us a dog who doesn’t like treats.. Here at Feedability pet store in Whittlesey we have a great selection of treats to spoil your dog and celebrate the love you share with them this Valentine’s and everyday!

If you'd like any advice about caring for your dog or if you would like to know what we have in stock at our Pet Supply Store in Whittlesey, please give us a ring on 01733 844677

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