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dog food


Everything for your canine companion


We hold a wide range of dog food in stock, from puppy to adult, sensitive to working dog. We work closely with specialist pet food brands to supply the best quality and widest variety of dog food we can for our customers, including raw food for working dogs.



​At Feedability we have a number of dog toys available for your furry friends - from the annoying squeaky toys to tennis balls and furry fake animal companions to Kongs.


From dog bones to pigs ears, game nibbles and more!


We have a selection of dog beds in store, and for those who prefer the country edge, we have mite-repellent, dust free straw in stock too.


Dog coats, dog collars, leads, whistles and other fantastic dog training aids.


We have dog toothpaste and toothbrushes, worm and flea treatments, dog ear drops, dog shampoo, joint supplements and more.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions on specific items or stock availability.

A Puppy in Bed
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