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Family-Owned Business

Although Jo is the current owner of Feedability, you'll never find her with her feet up relaxing - as many customers are aware, Jo will always be found front of house greeting customers; unless she's on the phone or driving the forklift!


Jo comes from a farming background, and has plenty of experience when it comes to animals - in the past she has owned horses (even though she is allergic!), cats, dogs, cows, goats, chickens, rabbits to name but a few! But for now, she has settled for just the one cat and dog.


Jo's journey with Feedability began initially with her Father, when he was looking to expand his existing small family Business selling feed. Feedability has continued to grow since her Dad's retirement into the thriving pet supplies Business it is today.


As Jo is usually to be found in store, she rarely has time for hobbies! However when she does find a spare minute Jo enjoys walking her dog in the glorious Fen landscape, and she also has a thing for classic cars...




We have several part time staff who have been an integral part of the Business and we have loved having them with us on our journey - we certainly couldn't manage without them! Our full time member of staff Beth will usually be found at the front desk with Jo, and since joining Feedability back in 2014 she has become a familiar face within the Business. In 2019 Beth was nominated for the BETA (British Equestrian Trade Association) Retail Employee of the Year making it to the finals, which was a very proud moment for the Feedability family!

Beth's favourite part of job is the great banter with our customers - they will usually say "where's Bethan it's quiet in here today!" Of course, as well as her sunshine personality, her popularity with customers is also due to her fantastic knowledge of our vast product range. Beth adores animals and has owned several pets in the past including dogs, cats and poultry which she is missing since leaving home! Now she's down to just a goldfish, but she's hoping to get a dog soon...

At Feedability we are very customer orientated. We take pride in all of our animal products and we take pride in knowing that all of our customers leave our pet supplies store feeling happy and satisfied. We regularly hold staff training sessions about both new and existing pet products, so that we can give you the best advice on what to feed your animals, whether you have dogs, cats, horses, fish or livestock.

With our range of excellent animal feeds, animal bedding, pet accessories and more, at Feedability Pet Supplies in Whittlesey you're sure to find something that will suit your pet. We cater for small animals such as hamsters and rabbits to large animals such as alpaca and cattle - and everything in-between! Feedability stock animal food for every need, such as fussy eaters, underweight or overweight animals, working pets, seniors, pets with a sensitive stomach and much more.


We are very proud of what we have achieved over the past decade, and are excited about the future of our Business.

The next stages for Feedability are to continue to grow as a Business, updating the store (look out for our new decor and signage!), listening to customer feedback and expanding our product ranges, particularly the natural ranges.

Feedability can provide everything you need for your dog, cat, bird, fish, horse, pig, sheep, goat, alpaca, wild birds, cattle, poultry, and small animals such as guinea pigs, hamsters and rabbits.

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