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Girl with Horse

Horses & ponies & donkeys, oh my!

FOOD - many horse feed options available including treats such as salt licks from the Likit range, which come in several flavours. We also supply supplements such as garlic granules, and treatments such as the amazing Prokalm supplement for nervous horses.

BEDDING - we supply a vast range of bedding for your horse or pony, including wood pellets, straw, shavings and hemp bedding.

GROOMING - you can get many of your equine grooming items from Feedability, such as saddle soap, horse shampoo, brushes etc. We also supply First Aid items for your equine friends, including bandages, vet wrap, poultice and many other items.

YARD AND STABLE - We have many items in stock for your yard and stable maintenance needs, although some ranges are limited. We stock items such as headcollars and lead ropes, wheelbarrows, electric fencing, brooms, buckets and much more.

Please take a look at our Tools & Equipment page for more info, or feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to check/reserve stock.



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