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Happy Cat Month!

Cat with back to school supplies  for September which is happy cat month - celebrating happy cat month with feedability pet supplies whittlesey

September is Happy Cat Month! So before you get carried away with the curriculum, why not get planning something super special for the fur baby's in your life.

The Summer holidays are over and it's time to get the family in back to school mode.

Just like our children, our four legged friends are members of the family too. So whilst we are caught up in buying coats, backpacks and new school shoes it's easy to forget that September is actually an important month for our feline friends.

Here at Feedability Pet Supply Store in Whittlesey we have compiled a cat-tastic list of ideas for you to entertain your moggy this September.


Building a catio (cat patio) for your fluffs means you will be allowing your cats access to the garden without the worry of them wandering off and not being safe.

Treat dispensers

These are so much fun to watch your feline friend play with. Watch them playfully swat and pounce to get their treats out of the dispenser. These come in all shapes, styles and sizes. Treat dispensers are ideal to keep them occupied and their hunger at bay whilst you are out for long periods.

Interactive toys

You can train your kitty to be smart and lively with an interactive toy. Electronic cat toys can help keep moggy entertained for hours! They help your cat let off some steam, keeping them agile and nimble.

Laser pointers

The thrill cats get from hunting and chasing a laser pointer is never ending! These are a fab form of mental stimulation and exercise for cats and kittens alike. Remember to never point the laser at your cat's eyes though, they are precious and it can harm them.

String on a stick toy

Watch as your kitty watches, plans, chases and captures the toy on the string. This can keep help teach your cat how to interact with their environment whilst helping to relive boredom and anxiety.

We hope our list has left you feline fine and fluffed up with ideas for Happy Cat Month this September. Come see us at our Feedability Pet & Country Store in Whittlesey and we will show you all we have to offer for your kitty's!

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