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How to keep your dogs happy - International Walk Your Dog Month

Each year thousands of people across the globe celebrate International Walk Your Dog Month by doing the thing that makes their pooches happiest - apart from eating of course!

Getting out in the great outdoors is great for us humans and playing with our furry four legged friends is one of the most fun things to do ever! But did you know that walking your dog also builds bonds that are akin to nothing else in their short but precious lives.

At Feedability Pet Supplies in Whittlesey our team have dogs too, and we love the fact that there are emotional health benefits attached to walking for both dog an owner. Add to that the fact that it can help to stop any naughty behaviours in your dog, this awareness month is a great way to help drown out those January blues.


It's important to understand the overall dietary needs of your dog, based on their age, breed and any medical conditions. Here at Feedability in Whittlesey, we have many dog food ranges available in store as well as knowledgable staff to help you choose the right option for your pet.

From Skinners Field & Trial light & senior dog food (easily digestible and has a lower protein & fat content) to Burns chicken and brown rice (more suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs as it is hypoallergenic). This dog food is easy to digest and provides holistic nutrition for all round health - meaning there'll be less waste to clean up!!

If you're searching for a raw dog food option why not check out our frozen raw duck necks by Natures Menu as a natural healthy treat? The others items available in the range include chicken wings, duck wings and various raw bones. But if you're new to raw feeding don't worry, you cn find out more from Natures Menu Youtube video here or by chatting to the Feedability team in store.

Remember to keep your dog safe when out walking them this Winter. You could dress your dog in brightly coloured or reflective clothing, such as our Nobby Starlight Flash Mesh dog harnesses. Plus make sure your dog is warm enough, especially if it's a pup or is an older dog, or with a medical condition like arthritis by popping them in a doggy jumper or jacket.

But most of all HAVE FUN! International Walk Your Dog Month is a great chance to set some mini targets to get out walking and playing with your dog.


If you have questions about stock availability, please contact us on 01733 844677 or via our website. In the meantime - happy walkies!

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