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Keeping Pets Safe & Happy This Festive Season

We're very much looking forward to Christmas this year at Feedability Pet Supplies, but before we think about celebrating, we thought we'd take a last look at how we can help to keep your pets safe and happy this Christmas, and throughout the rest of the Winter season.

Dark Winter Walks

Even though Christmas is 2 weeks away, the dark nights have well and truly arrived, so we need to make sure we can keep an eye on our dogs as they zoom around the parks in the evening. At Feedability we currently have in stock these Nobby Starlight Flash Mesh dog harnesses. With a variety of sizes, not only are they great value, they are also battery powered with re-chargable batteries.

With dark Winter nights also comes cold Winter weather, which we've probably got another few months of. So, for those of us with smaller (or less furry dogs), Feedability Pet Supplies also has a wide range of dog jumpers in stock to help keep them warm. With a lovely festive theme, these dog jumpers are made from a wool mix, perfect for keeping your four legged friend warm on those long Christmas holiday walks.

Don't forget - we also have some lovely bobble hats and Toggi socks to keep the Humans warm on those Winter walks too!

At our Pet Store in Whittlesey, we have a lovely collection of dog toys in a variety of sizes, so while you guys are busy opening your presents this Christmas, your pets can enjoy themselves too with our range of squeaky dog toys. Yes, that's right, we said squeaky - sorry! We have a wide range available, both Christmas themed and every day toys to keep your pets entertained this Festive season.

And last but not least - dinner time, our favourite time of day!

While we're all enjoying dinner on Christmas day - and the endless turkey sandwiches that follow in the days afterwards - why not treat our pets to a wonderful treat too this Festive Season?

At Feedability Pet Supplies we have many dog treats and cat treats in stock. Plus we have some extra special seasonal delights for them too, such as the Forthglade range of grain free dog food, including this Turkey based Christmas dinner for dogs, made from 100% natural ingredients, which we're sure they'll love - a perfect Festive treat for your pets this season!

We hope our customers have a Merry Christmas, and we thank you for your valued custom and loyalty as always. Our Christmas and New Year opening hours are on our Facebook page, but if you have any questions about stock or would like to reserve any item, as always please feel free to give us a ring on 01733 844677


With all the excitement and hustle and bustle that come with celebrations, it's easy to overlook potential hazards for our pets. This post provided valuable insights and practical tips on how to ensure our pets stay safe and stress-free during this time. From avoiding harmful decorations and foods to managing guests and noise levels, these reminders are invaluable for ensuring our pets enjoy the festivities as much as we do. Visit our website - <a href="">SingaporePetCare</a>


This is a great reminder to prioritize our furry friends amidst the holiday chaos. I often forget about the stress festive decorations can cause them. Any suggestions for creating calm spaces for anxious pets?


Ho-ho-ho, but hold on to the mistletoe! This festive season can be a minefield for curious paws and playful tails. This article is your Santa's little helper, guiding you through keeping your pets safe and happy amidst the decorations, delicious treats, and increased activity. Stay tuned for tips on preventing holiday hazards, creating pet-friendly festivities, and finding ways to include your furry family members in the fun. Remember, a stress-free pet means a happier holiday for everyone!

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