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Happy International Dog Walking Month!

Every January is International Walk Your Dog Month; and what better way to motivate yourself with your own New Years' weight loss resolutions by getting fresh air in the great outdoors and playing with our furry four legged friends?!

With the obvious health benefits attached to walking for both you and your dog, and with the doom and gloom of lockdown hanging over us, this awareness month is a great way to help drown out those January blues, get some fresh air, improve your physical and mental health as well as your dog's overall wellbeing. At Feedability Pet Supplies in Whittlesey we have our own pets to think about too - and they've definitely seen their fair share of exercise and this month is no exception!


As a Nation, we are not the healthiest - in fact, according to the NHS 2018/19 statistics, 876,000 of the year's hospital admissions were obesity related, which was an increase of 23% on the previous year - ouch! But we also know that physical activity is on the rise, especially in the younger generation, which is fantastic news - so what about our pets?

The team at Feedability have been reading the PDSA Animal Wellbeing Report of 2019, who found that in the UK, 1.3 million dogs (13%) aren’t walked everyday; plus, the 2018 PAW report which showed that Vets said 46% of the dogs they see in their practice every week are obese.

But do you truly understand your dog's health, and the repercussions your dog could face as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle? Or do you just rely on the vets to tell you? Clinical obesity in our pets could result in more secondary conditions like arthritis, high blood pressure, kidney disease, and some types of cancer. Generally, they have a lower life expectancy too. Scary isn't it?

Considering this information, the team at Feedbility Pet Supplies thought that the health and wellbeing of your dog was an important subject to discuss, especially in a month when their human owners are focusing on their own weight loss too! So we're taking a look at what we can offer you at Feedability to ensure your pet eats healthy, stays active and is happy!


Ok, so let's start with diet. And no, we don't necessarily mean 'going on a diet'; we've had enough of that after Christmas thank you!

It's important that you understand the overall dietary needs of your dog, based on their age, breed and any medical conditions. Here at Feedability in Whittlesey, we have many dog food ranges available in store as well as knowledgable staff to help you choose the right option for your pet.

This image shows a couple of examples we have in store for people searching for a light diet food product for their dog.

We have Skinners Field & Trial light & senior dog food in store; not only is it easily digestible but has a lower protein & fat content compared to most dog foods, so it's perfect to assist weight loss and dog weight management. We also have Burns chicken and brown rice 15kg bags in stock, which is suitable for sensitive stomachs as it is hypoallergenic. This dog food is easy to digest and provides holistic nutrition for all round health - meaning there'll be less waste to clean up!!

If you're searching for a raw dog food option why not check out our frozen raw duck necks by Natures Menu as a natural healthy treat? The others items available in the range include chicken wings, duck wings and various raw bones. But if you're new to raw feeding don't worry, you cn find out more from Natures Menu Youtube video here or by chatting to the Feedability team in store.


When it comes to starting any exercise regime, the same goes for our pets as it does for us; it might be worthwhile checking that your dog doesnt have any underlying health issues first. Once you've done that, then it's time for fun!

Some of us have had a bit of snowfall the past few days, but if you're not a fan of a snowball fight then why not try something just as fun for your dog, but not as cold! Right now we have a very large, brand new range of Chuckit! fetch game products in our pet store. From launchers, to flyers and even tug of war games, we are proud to introduce this range to our customers and can't wait to see your photos and videos out playing and getting your exercise whilst having fun with your dogs too!

We wrote a couple of blogs in October and December about keeping your dog safe while you're out on walks this winter season, but here are a couple of reminders:

  • Dress your dog in brightly coloured or reflective clothing, such as our Nobby Starlight Flash Mesh dog harnesses.

  • Protect your dogs feet from the elements if you can. Ice, snow and grit can sometimes cause nasty sores so it's a good idea to wash your dog's paws after the walk.

  • Make sure your dog is warm enough, especially if it's a pup or is an older dog, or with a medical condition like arthritis. At Feedbaility Pet Supplies we still have plenty of dog jumpers in stock!

But most of all HAVE FUN! Walk Your Dog Month is a great chance to set some mini targets to get out walking and playing with your dog and hopefully change your lifestyle in the long term to benefit both you and your pets. And remember - always ensure your dog has plenty of fresh clean water - if you're going on a long hike take an extra water bottle for the dog too!


If you'd like to reserve any items mentioned above, or if you have questions about stock availability, please contact us on 01733 844677 or via our website. In the meantime - happy walkies!

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