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What is National Rabbit Awareness Week

As we end the week on a high at Feedability Pet Supplies, (high spirits, and high temperatures!) we take look back on the National Awareness week of the humble bunny rabbit and find out more about what it means...

The Rabbit Awareness Action Group (or RAAG for short), who are the voice of rabbit welfare, have been bringing together the expertise of several organisations and have successfully campaigned (through Rabbit Awareness Week) to help improve the welfare of pet rabbits for over 15 years.

Led by Burgess Pet Care (sharing my surname!), RAAG comprises of the RSPCA, the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund (RWAF), the Wood Green Animal Charity, the PDSA and the Blue Cross. These organisations and charities are key to ensuring that pet rabbits in the UK can lead happy, healthy lives.

Did you know that rabbits are one of the UK’s most popular, but least understood, pet animal? That is why RAAG are determined to build on the campaigning they have already achieved to increase awareness of pet rabbit care; from choosing the right food and bedding for your pet rabbit, to understanding common rabbit medical issues. Recent campaigns highlighted the health risks associated with muesli-style diets, just one amongst many other key campaigns.

Being a Pet Supply Store based in Whittlesey, we are obviously huge fans of all things pets; from dogs and cats to horses and donkeys! But sometimes our customers forget that we also have plenty of choice when it comes to food and bedding for pet rabbits and other small animals such as guinea pigs and pet mice.

Choosing the best rabbit food for your bunnies can seem confusing. They need a balanced diet with the right mix of fibre, vitamins and minerals to stay happy and healthy. It's a good idea to stick to the 'Excel Feeding Plan' so that your rabbits get the right balance of fibre, vitamins & minerals. A high proportion of your bunny rabbits’ diet should be high quality, dust free feeding hay or fresh grass (sorry about the lawn!). This can then be supplemented with a small portion of nuggets, a handful of rabbit-friendly greens (they love dandelion leave by the way!) and 24/7 access to clean water.

If you'd like any advice about caring for your rabbit or if you would like to know what we have in stock at our Pet Supply Store in Whittlesey, please give us a ring on 01733 844677

If you can't wait to help out then you can visit the Rabbit Awareness Week website to find out how you can get involved in Rabbit Awareness Week 2023.

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