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Spring Gardening With Feedability

At Feedbaility, we know what it's like for everyone when it's time to start gardening in the Spring - everything is a mess and it usually takes a few weeeks of procrastinating before we can build up the will and determination to get started!

First things first - have you got all the gear and no idea? Or none of the gear and a bit of an idea?! Whichever gardening catergory you fall into, even if you think you have everything you need to begin the Spring gardening chores, after checking in the garden shed there may be a few things you've noticed are either missing or broken after last year's gardening exploits. You'll probably be needing a fresh pair of garden shears and some gardening gloves for starters, but there's a few other bits and bobs that you might have forgotten about, or need to replace. This is where Feedability Supplies comes in!

Right now we have new compost bags in store; and at only £4.95 each it's the perfect time to be stocking up ready for all the seeds and vegetables you'll be planting this year!

We also have grow bags in stock if you're considering growing tomatoes this year, and they're great for people that may not have a huge garden but just need a small area for growing.

When you're preparing your pots, flower beds and vegetable patches this Spring, don't forget to check for garden pests such as larvae which eat plant roots, and slug colonies or their eggs (small, white spheres in clusters). This will save you many a headache when it comes to the summer months! For more Spring garden tips check out Thompson and Morgan.

As well as the usual garden essentials, we also have wheelbarrows in stock & children's sized small wheel barrows; perfect for the next 'Home Economics' home schooling lesson. Once they've finished pulling out all of the weeds for you, they can use our Feedability tub trug buckets to carry them to the compost pile. And since they're available in all colours and sizes, there'll be no need for any sibling squabbles!

When it comes to gardening jobs such as clearing out the shed or greenhouse this Spring, our wheelbarrow or tub trug bucket is essential to help you carry everything to it's new spot, whether that's the compost heap or the trash. Using a wheelbarrow is a great way to protect your back to from lots of heavy lifting.

And finally, for those who may be thinking their lawn is looking a bit worse for wear, we have paddock grass seed and paddock fertiliser in stock. Both of these are great for keeping your paddock grass healthy but they're also good for garden lawns - just ask Cambridge Lawn Care if you don't believe us! (Also a handy place to check for a couple of lawncare tips).

Whatever you're up to in the garden this Spring, we hope the weather is good to you - pop in and see us or call us on 01733 844677 to check on stock availability or to reserve stock ready to pick up later on.


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