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Happy World Donkey Day! Animal News from Feedability Pet Supplies

On this glorious Sunday we are happy to celebrate one of our favourite animals at Feedbaility Pet Supplies in Whittlesey - the beautiful donkey - so we'd like to wish you all a very happy World Donkey day!

What is World Donkey Day?

World Donkey Day began in 2018, and is a chance to celebrate the stoic spirit, charm, and hardiness of these creatures that helped us to build civilisation as humans, giving them a special place in our hearts across the globe. It is also a chance to raise awareness of the treatment of donkeys around the World, as in some countries their treatment doesn't reach a good enough standard of animal rights, and certainly does not match the hard work they put in for us!

Luckily there are many donkey sanctuaries and other donkey organisations and charities globally that help to provide a safe haven for donkeys, whilst also raising more awareness about their plight, nd educating people about them at the sametime.

5 Fun Facts About Donkeys


When we say amazing we mean it - donkeys can remember places that they have visited before, plus they could recognise a donkey that they've had a close relationship even after nont seeing them for 25 years!


Nature gave these beautiful beast some big beautiful ears, that are silky smooth and we love to stroke. But did you know that they also use them to hear other donkeys from far away? That's right, they can communicate with each other over long distances by braying, grunting, squealing, snorting, and even growling!


Just like primates, donkeys love to groom each other, which helps to build special bonds between them. They like to be clean to 'look good', but they also like other things clean - like their water, which they'll refuse to drink if it's too dirty.


Donkeys are very social animals, so it's unpleasant for them if they are kept alone. They form deep bonds with their fellow donkeys and become very upset when split up from a donkey pal - awww!


Donekys native homes are usually desert landscapes where the land is hot and dry, meaning water is scarce. But these amazing animals can dig - with their hooves! Most water in deserts is found underground, and donkeys will use their hooves to dig down to reach that water, not only helping themselves but other small creatures that live in the desert too - amazing!

How You Can Celebrate World Donkey Day

There are a few nonprofit organisations working hard every month to provide medical attention to neglected or abused donkeys. These organisations and charities need donations of money, food and time in the form of volunteering to continue there important work.

To show your support for donkeys on World Donkey Day and improve the wellbeing of those around the world that are being treated poorly, there are many things you can do. The most popular suggestions

are to adopt a donkey or donate to a donkey charity, like The Donkey Sanctuary, The Brooke or SPANA; who work with donkeys all over the world.

To help donkeys on the Greek island of Santorini with PETA - Learn More Here.

To help stop the slaughter of donkeys in China with PETA - Learn More Here.


Always make sure you do your research, and check for medical records. If you are looking for the best donkey food for your new donkey (or donkeys!) we now supply the Millichaff Donkey Feed18 kg bag at Feedability Pet Supplies in Whittlesey, which you can buy in store - ring us on 01733 844677 to reserve your bag today!


If you would like more information on any of the equine food ranges at Feedability Pet Supplies, just get in touch and we'll be happy to assist you!

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