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Feedability - How to Keep Animals Cool in the Summer

Check out our top hot weather animal care tips, so you can enjoy the sun and keep your animals and pets safe.

We don’t always get heat waves in the UK Summer time and last winter felt like it dragged on forever! So now the sun is firmly here and the temperatures are soaring. It's crucial to have steps in place to keep you and your animals cool this summer.

If you’re feeling the heat, then you can be sure that your pets and animals are too! Just like you they need somewhere shady to retreat to when temperatures get too much.

Keeping your animals cool in hot weather is all about being prepared and thinking ahead. Exercise helps keep animals and pets happy and healthy, so adapt their routines on hot days to make sure they stay active and safe. Avoid playing and walking in the peak hours, you don’t want your pups pads to burn and cause them discomfort. Regularly bring them back indoors to cool down and try to keep them inside during the hottest hours of the day.

Ensure pets and animals have access to plenty of fresh, clean water.

Dehydration can set in quickly on hot days. Come visit us at the Feedability Pet Supply Store in Whittlesey today to treat your pet to a new water bowl to make keeping hydrated more appealing! We have everything from buckets for your horses to bowls for your Beagles!

Get grooming your animals.

Matted fur and manes attract and trap heat! Brush your long haired cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and horse manes on a daily basis. If it looks like a prolonged heat wave has set in, you might even want to consider giving them a summer spruce up with a trim or plaiting your ponies manes.

We have you covered this Summer here at Feedability, with 20 years of catering for Pets, Equine, Livestock and Wild Birds. You can visit us in store at Kings Farm, Pondersbridge, Peterborough, PE7 3DR or call us on 01733 844677 to check we have what you need in stock.

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