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Doggy Holidays and Activities

With an estimated 10 million Brits owning a dog, it's no surprise that there are many of us looking for holidays where we can include our beloved pets. However, Covid-19 has put paid to many family holidays abroad this year, so more of us are stay-vacationing than ever before. So this month at Feedability we've decided to take a look at activities you can do with your doggy pals both closer to home and abroad.

At Feedability we understand how precious our customers pets are to them, and the importance of looking after our pets whether they're home or away - they are extended family after all! So we thought we'd take you on a guided tour of all the essential things you'll need to consider for your dog on holiday, whether you're taking them with you on the plane, on a camping trip in Wales, or leaving them behind at the kennels.


Leaving on a jet plane

So you've decided you're going to take your dog with you to... Let's say Spain. You're all packed but what about your dog? Have they had their injection boosters? Have you packed their pet passport? And have you decided if they'll be travelling on the plane in in your lap, or in their own luxury travel cage in the hold?

If your dog will be travelling in the hold they may be nervous, so the team at Feedability Pet Supplies advise that you give them an item that smells of you, such as a blanket or even their own bed for added comfort. Feedability have a lovely new selection of soft dog beds, duvet style with removable washable covers, which are an ideal solution for making your dog feel safe while they're travelling.

Another option for keeping your dog calm and stable whilst travelling, especially for longer periods of time, is to offer them a treatment such as Kalmaid, but one item that Feedability would definitely recommend that you go for is a dog toy, which will keep your dog distracted and entertained, but also if it's a favourite, it will help to make your pet to feel at home. If you don't yet have a suitable chew toy for your dog, don't worry - you can find a wide range of dog toys at Feedability in Whittlesey such as rope toys and soft toys, including a soft toy range themed around the beach, with crinkly and squeaky characters - Sally the Sea Snail, Oswald the Octopus, Hank the Hermit Crab and Coral the Clam - all perfect companions for your dog whilst swimming in the Mediterranean sea!

If you do take your dog abroad with you, remember there's a few other things to look out for - other dogs (rabies - or just not very friendly!), extreme heat (because your dog is wearing a fur coat remember!) and the fact that your dog's paws can get some pretty heavy damage after walking on hot concrete (which is also extremely painful for them).

The team at Feedability Pet Supplies are sure that if you cover all of the above, you'll be all set for your holiday abroad with your dog - so enjoy!


Leaving your pups at home

Maybe you want to go on holiday without your dog, but of course you want to make sure they're well looked after. So the team at Feedability have checked out the local kennels in Whittlesey, and we know that there are a couple of great places to choose from (5 stars based on Google reviews) - Little Acre Kennels and Partridge Farm Dog Kennels.

We checked out the websites and it seems they all offer fantastic services, including luxury suites and ensuring your dogs' medical needs are met - so let us know if you've used them for your own pet and how you got on!

Ok, so what about dog friendly holidays in the UK? We've checked out a few dog friendly places to take your pet on holiday here: - this website covers many dog friendly hotels, lodges and holiday cottages across the UK, with some exclusive packages forthose stay-cationing in Britain with their pets.

When it comes to holidaying at home, we know that camping is a firm favourite, especially if you're taking your four legged friends. Swimming in lakes, long walks in the woods, mountain hikes and making lots of new doggy pals along the way! The latter reason is an important one - have you checked that make sure your dogs flea treatments are up to date?!

Whereever you're camping with your dog in the UK, there's a few things you may need to take with you - all of which Feedability Pet Supplies have in store!

  • Tie out stakes and cables in various lengths - these are an important tool for those planning on fishing with their dog on their camping trip! Keeping your dog away from the water (and stopping them from scaring all the fish away!) is fairly important - at least until you've finished and you reward them with a swim. Oh and don't forget - you can even get your fishing bait from Feedbility too!

  • Tick remover tools - very important if you're planning on walking with your dog through the woods or moors, ticks are nasty little things - plus you might need the tool for yourself if you're unlucky!

  • Flea shampoo - even though we know you would have taken Feedbility's advice and gotten your dog's flea treatments up to date, you never know, you might need a little top up - plus it'll just mean your dog will smell a little better when they're trying to clamber into your tent with you!

  • Collapsible dog bowls - even the best of us can't always get our dogs to drink out of a water bottle when we're out and about, however the thought of carrying a heavy ceremic water bowl around on your mountain hike is pretty ridiculous! Feedbility Pet Supplies have just what you need to keep your dog hydrated on your camping trip.

Plus, in addition to the above, Feedability now have a new range of leads, collars and harnesses which have just arrived from Ancol. In various colours and materials such as leather or nylon, priced from just a couple of pounds upwards - perfect for any sized dog - and wallet.


Doggy activities near you

Feedbility Pet Supplies have checked out some local activities and events in Cambridgeshire that you can take part in with your dog if you're not looking to go on holiday, but would just like to keep your dog entertained.

We know that Ferry Meadows is a firm family favourite with dog owners from around Peterborough, and we have to agree. With plenty of activities for the family to enjoy as well as plenty of lakes for your dogs to go wild in, plus acres of fields to frolic around and make new friends, it's a great place to visit at any time of year - just remember to pay for your parking before you leave!

Graffham Water is a little further afield, however if you're willing to take the trip it'll be worth it. From obedience training, to socialisation, to full on agility courses, and run by the lovely Nicki, Graffham Water Canine Adventures is a great place to take your dog for fun and frolics.

When you've decided which activity you're going to do with your dog this Summer (or Autumn!) you'll definitely be needing some fun toys to take with you.

Feedability Pet Supplies in Whittlesey have a great selection of toys that are perfect for the great outdoors. We have tennis ball launchers from 'Chuckit!' in various lengths with a selection of ball sizes, a wide range of balls in various sizes from mini tennis balls up to football sized. Plus, Feedability have some delicious dog treats from our favourite suppliers to take with you, to make sure you can keep your dog coming back to you!


Whatever happens enjoy yourselves and your quality time with your family - oh and don't forget your doggy bags! (No, not the food kind...) Feedability Pet Supplies have plenty of poo bags in stock from Beco Pets, or scented poo bags from Bags on Board.

Contact Feedability before you go away if you need any advice on the best things to get for your dog for your holiday.

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