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The Summer Season Of Farming Begins

Updated: Jul 2

Feedability Pet Supplies is more than just a pet shop. We cater for the farming sector too and love your livestock as much as you do!

Whether it be Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn, Farmers will always be busy and Feedability has your farm supply needs covered! From looking after livestock, to tending crops, lambing season or just general maintenance, there is always a job to be done.

Now we have finally put the cold and frost well and truly behind us, you are probably starting to notice fields filling with crops, sheep, cows and other animals grazing. May can be a busy month for farmers, removing stock from fields and spreading fertiliser to allow growth before cutting. All livestock buildings need to be cleaned out, plus fencing repaired.

Here at the Feedability Animal Store in Whittlesey we provide everything from stable care and farm supplies to garden, small holding, yard and stable supplies, tools and more.

Preparing your workspace for the outdoors is crucial for a successful Summer season! Our info below can be used in your gardens and in the farming fields.

At home on your veg patch or in your green houses you will be seeing your seedlings appearing and it will be time to start thinking about removing weaker seedlings and transplanting the stronger ones into larger pots. And don’t worry if you are late to the party, it isn’t too late to get planting! There is a common misconception that if you are going to grow veg that you have to plant in Spring. But straying from conventional timelines isn’t going to make or break your food growing journey. Radishes, Beets, Potatoes and Corn are just a few of the versatile veggies that can happily get started in June.

If you need to replace your wonky wheelbarrow or are green fingered and just starting out and need to get kitted out with the basics: buckets, forks and shovels you have come to the right place.

Here at Feedability we also offer a range of food products for livestock: general feed, treats such as dried mealworms for poultry, salt licks and mineral licks for Alpaca, Sheep, Goats and Cows.

So don’t be put off by conventional timelines, do your homework and you could make a start on your own green fingered journey this June! Farmer friends come visit us in store and we can assist and provide you with your Farm supplies!

For more information visit our website or visit us in store at Kings Farm, Pondersbridge PE7 3DR.

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