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International Walk Your Dog Month 2023

Updated: Jul 2

Awww who doesn't love dogs?! We certainly do - and this month it's time to celebrate Humans' best friend!!

At Feedability Pet Supplies we are celebrating Walk Your Dog Month 2023 both in our Pet Shop in Whittlesey and online - and whilst chatting to our customers about their January pet supply purchases, we managed to collate the top 8 dog supplies to buy for your dog walks.

1) Nettles - treatment for dog paws

Even though the nettles are small in the winter, and most are dead - those that are starting to emerge in the next few weeks will have an extra sharp sting! So make sure if you're taking your pooch for a run in the woods, that you're prepared to treat their paws with a soothing antidote when you return home!

2) Dark nights - light up collars

It's going to be a long time before the nights start getting lighter and longer, so in the meantime it's a good idea to make sure your dog is wearing a flashing collar to let all pedestrians, cyclists and motorists know where your dog is at all times.

3) Cold weather - doggy coats

Not all dogs need worry about the cold weather as most breeds have big fluffy winter coats that they malt in Summer. But for those of you with very small dogs, or if your dog has very thin fur such as a Springer Spaniel, it's definitely a good idea to buy a dog jumper or dog coat to give them extra warmth on long Winter walks - especially if your dog is partial to a Winter swim!

4) Long walks over 2 hours - take dog treats for extra energy

If you're a keen dog walker, or you've decided to take your dog for a long (and freezing!) beach walk that may be over 2 hours long, it's a good idea to take some dog treats for extra energy. These can be in the form of leftover cooked meats from dinner, or in the form of specially formulated dog treats like the game nibbles for sale at our Feedability Pet Store in Whittlesey.

5) Dog toys for entertainment - and recall

If you've ever been to a dog training session or watched the numerous dog training programmes on tv, you'll know that a ball is one of the best ways to distract a dog - or make them ridiculously hyper! Either way, they make for a great recall bribe - as does any dog toy!

6) Appropriate lead for the walk

Wherever you live, whether it's in suburbia, in a town centre or in a country village, you will need a collar (legal requirement) and a suitable lead. If you tend to walk yor dog in the park, an extendable lead is great as you can let your dog have a bit of freedom whilst stopping them from harassing the other dogs too much, or making a run for any danger. If you live in the town centre then a slip lead or short lead is essential for keeping them close and away from passing cars and out of the way of other pedestrians.

7) Dog shampoo for muddy walks

Ok ok, so we know that not all dogs enjoy being washed after a muddy walk, even if it is for their own good! Depending on your dog's preference - and also depending on whether your dog has any skin allergies you are aware of - there is a wide range of dog shampoo to choose from at the Feedability Pet Store.

8) - Water proof/anti allergen dog bed

And finally, after all that washing, or after a particularly wet and Wintery walk, your dog will be very grateful to be curled up on a nice cosy bed - and the humans will be even happier if that dog bed is water resistant too (no wet dog smell)!

Give us a call on 01733 844677 to see what special offers we have in store for your dog this month, or pop in to see us at our Animal and Pet Supply Shop in Whittlesey.

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