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Easter Treats For Pets - Feedability Pet Supplies Store

Spring has sprung and we all have an extra bounce in our step! The days are feeling that little bit brighter and Easter is just around the corner. Whilst you are busy making your Easter plans with your friends and family, don’t forget to involve your pets in the fun!

At Feedability Pet Supply store in Whittlesey, we love pets being included in all of the holiday fun. Lot’s of you love to buy presents for your pets at Christmas, so of course it makes sense to also get your pet special Easter treat. Why not make them their own Easter basket full of pet treats or even set up an Easter egg hunt for them!

If this is something you already do, or if you want to start including your pet in your Easter celebrations, then look no further. We have put together a handy guide with tips and ideas to help include your pet and get the festivities started!

Pet Easter Hunt

While you can’t give your pet a chocolate egg you can give them their favourite treats to get them involved in the festivities. Easter egg hunts are a great activity that encourages enrichment for your pet and are great fun for all of the family to get involved in. To start you can get some colourful, fillable plastic eggs, fill them with yummy treats for your pets and hide them around the garden. And like with children, Easter egg hunts can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors so you don’t have to worry about the weather and keep checking your weather app in the lead up to it.

If you prefer to only make an Easter basket for your pet, or maybe make one for the grande finale of the Easter egg hunt. Give some of these ideas a go for the fillings and the basket itself:

- A new collar and/or lead

- A new toy

- If you usually only give your pet biscuit/dry food, why not treat them to a pate or canned food?

- Instead of using a basket, why not treat your pet to a new bowl/dish. You can fill it with toys/treats and wrap it up like a hamper with a big bow!

Send us your pet photos!

Do you love any excuse to get your pet dressed up? If you do, why not treat them to some bunny ears or a new outfit and snap away! Get outdoors and snap your pets in their natural surroundings, with some bright yellow daffodils or with some beautiful pink blossoms. The more colourful the better!

If you ‘hop’ along to the shop and treat your pets to some well deserved treats this Easter, please tag us and share on our Facebook page. We love to see our customers bonding with their pets and enjoying the great outdoors.

From all of us here at Feedability we hope you have a ‘hoppy’ Easter!

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